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MyChart Video Visit

A Video Visit means you can connect with your physician more easily than ever before. Using MyChart’s secure portal, Video Visit offers face-to-face appointments with your physician from the comfort of your own home.

Box Out: Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care Video Visit is a great fit for

  • patients with an active MyChart account
  • adult and pediatric patients

Booking a Primary Care Video Visit in MyChart is no different than booking a regular visit in MyChart.

Box Out: Specialty Care

Specialty Care

Specialty Care Video Visit is a great fit for patients with

  • an active MyChart account
  • follow-up or medication refill appointments

MyChart Video Visits are currently not available for Obstetric or Ophthalmology patients. 

*JHAH policy requires a parent/guardian to be present during a Video Visit for patients younger than 18 years of age.

  • An active MyChart account
  • A Personal Computer (PC), a smartphone, or a tablet. The recommended browsers to use are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.
  • A strong Wi-Fi/network connection

Prior to your visit, you will need to test your Video Visit link. We recommend that you test your link at least a day or two prior to your visit.

  1. Once your Video Visit is scheduled, log in to your MyChart account on the device you will use for your Video Visit
  2. Click on your upcoming MyChart Video Visit
  3. Click on the 'Test Hardware' button and follow the steps displayed to ensure you are set-up and ready for your Video Visit
  4. If you are unable to successfully test your connection, you may need to test using another device or cancel the appointment

Please note: If you do not call within your scheduled time, you will not be seen as the doctor is scheduled with other patients.

  • Find a place that is well-lit (so that your doctor can see you) and where you can talk freely
  • Log in to your MyChart account 15 minutes before your visit and click ‘Begin Video Visit’
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or you have a charger at hand

Video Visits - hear it from our patients

With just a few online clicks from my home in Dhahran, I had booked myself on a virtual visit to Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare for an online consultation with a human doctor of my choice.

Besides the safety offered by online consultations, there are other benefits — not needing to travel, wait in waiting rooms, and the convenience and simplicity of what feels like a Face-Time session.

MyChart Video Visit Support

As with any new and emerging technology, there may be some connectivity challenges to overcome. If you need help with your Video Visit, please contact MyChart Help Desk on 800-305-4444, extension 1 (during working hours).

If you have a customer service concern, please contact Patient Relations or call 800-305-4444 (during working hours).

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