Volunteering at JHAH

Volunteers at JHAH can make a real difference. Please follow the steps to register if you would like to donate your time and skills to support a variety of activities to benefit patients and their families, in accordance with JHAH policies. We very much appreciate the support that our volunteers provide.

Our volunteer services started in the community in the late 1960s, with a few wives of employees volunteering in different areas, including at our hospital. By 1982, five expatriates were officially running the program, which mostly involved helping to comfort children. In 2022 JHAH has collaborated with the Saudi Society for Health Administration to offer you and your family a variety of volunteering opportunities where you can make a difference in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and JHAH's commitment to be an inclusive workplace.

Volunteering recruitment takes place throughout the year and we welcome the skills and talents of all individuals, including persons with disabilities for volunteering at JHAH throughout the year.

Steps to becoming a volunteer at JHAH

Step one

Create an account in the following platforms where all volunteering opportunities will be posted

Step two

Submit your information in the JHAH volunteering form found on this page.

JHAH volunteering form

Step three

Browse the volunteering portals and apply for a volunteering opportunity that you are interested in after receiving an email from the JHAH Volunteer Office informing you of available opportunities.

The Volunteer Office will contact you once your application has been received and reviewed, and notify you of the next steps. Please note that applying is not a guarantee of placement into the program.


After completing the volunteer assignment, you will be asked to complete a survey to be able to generate your volunteer certificates from the National Volunteer Platform.

General information & inquiries

For any inquiries, please contact the Volunteer Office

Frequently asked questions about volunteering

If you are a registered volunteer in the National Volunteer platform or/and the Health Volunteering platforms, you can search for volunteering opportunities listed there. In addition, you may stay up to date with new opportunities from JHAH Volunteer Office by completing your registration and updating your information in JHAH database through the JHAH volunteering online form 

These are online platforms where which organizations providing volunteer opportunities are connected with volunteers who wish to contribute their time or efforts for the service of the community.

Through these online volunteering platforms:

  • You can generate your volunteer certificate for completed assignments from any device, at any time
  • JHAH will document your volunteer hours for the completed assignment and download it to your account in the platform
  • You can search for volunteer opportunities from different organizations and apply if you are interested
  • You can access a variety of training courses

We aim to match your interest and skills to the various volunteer opportunities available. You will be notified via email with the description of roles when any volunteer opportunity is announced on the volunteering platforms. As a JHAH Volunteer, you will participate in community initiatives, awareness campaigns, symposiums, conferences, and special projects over a short period. A list of current opportunities from different organizations can be found on the National Volunteer platform and the Health Volunteering platform.

JHAH and the Saudi Society for Health Administration review the descriptions of assignments and publish them if they meet certain criteria. You can only apply to the published opportunities and there is no exception to this.

All JHAH volunteer opportunities are open to the public.

Each volunteer opportunity is different and has its own criteria.

The duration of volunteering is determined according to the available volunteer opportunity.

Volunteering at JHAH is unpaid work, and as a volunteer, you will not be entitled to any financial benefits.

Each volunteer opportunity is different and has its own gender and/or age restrictions.

You can issue your certificate through the platform once your volunteer hours are approved and entered by the Saudi Society for Health Administration, and after you evaluate the volunteer opportunity.

Yes, you can withdraw yourself from participating before a sufficient period of time by informing the volunteer coordinator.

The JHAH Volunteer Office staff is always happy to answer all your questions. If your query was not cleared here, you can submit it through the inquiries form.

JHAH Volunteering Form

Please describe any Special professional training, skills, hobbies, or any previous volunteering experience that might relate to your interest in volunteering

All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current volunteer openings .Your information will be stored at our data base and you will be notified by email when any volunteer opportunity becomes available.