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Outpatient Information

At Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) we are committed to providing the best possible healthcare for you and your family. Our outpatient services enable us to administer quality treatment without the need for you or your loved one to remain in hospital overnight.

With world-class clinical staff and facilities, we are equipped to advise on, and care for, a wide range of conditions that can be treated on an outpatient basis. These may include surgery, physiotherapy, chemotherapy or any of a number of referrals or clinic visits.

Whatever the reason for your visit to our hospitals, we ensure that you are cared for with the utmost consideration and efficiency, and with the minimum amount of disruption to your daily life.  

Outpatient appointments 

Having treatment, or even surgery, does not always mean an overnight hospital stay. Advances in technology and anesthesia have made it possible to perform many minimally invasive procedures and treatments on an outpatient basis.

Before a procedure takes place, your physician will check your medical records to determine whether or not you are suitable for outpatient surgery.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive information that includes everything you need to know about your appointment, including what to bring with you and how long the treatment or procedure will take. On the day of your appointment, go to the appropriate clinic and register at reception. You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time to allow for any pre-assessments.

Allow plenty of time for your visit, especially if this is your first appointment and you are unsure about possible waiting times. For most surgical procedures, you can usually expect to be discharged between one and four hours after the completion of your surgery.

Upon discharge, we recommend for many treatments and all surgeries that a friend or relative drives you home and remains with you while you recuperate, in case you experience drowsiness or side effects.

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Valet Parking

JHAH Dhahran Valet parking services are free-of-charge for JHAH patients and our visitors are offered parking as a paid service.

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  • Specialty Clinic carpark entrance
  • Carpark between Surgicare (building 62) and the Oncology & Blood Disorders Clinic (building 1195)
  • The carpark between Primary Care Clinic (building 50) and the Dental Clinic (building 54).

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Free-of-charge service for patients

As a condition of use for the valet service free of charge, patients may be asked to provide confirmation of their appointment time, such as:

  • JHAH SMS Appointment Confirmation
  • JHAH Appointment Slip (printout or digital)
  • JHAH MyChart (printout or digital)

If you have a suggestion or concern regarding the valet services please contact: 055-600-1588

Vehicle drop off is within 15 minutes of the patient’s scheduled appointment.

Charged valet parking for visitors - details

  • 25 SAR per trip
  • 450 SAR for monthly valet parking option

If you have a suggestion or concern regarding the valet services please contact 055 600 1588

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How to become a patient at JHAH

Box Out: Dhahran


Find out more about how to become a patient at Dhahran.

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Box Out: Al-Hasa


Find out more about how to become a patient at Al-Hasa.

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Health and wellbeing

Health programs for you

At JHAH, we are here for you not just when you are ill, but also to help you stay well. That is why we have a range of programs to help you create a healthier you.

We believe in providing help and support to achieve and maintain improved health and wellbeing, from programs that support you in achieving better health outcomes, to self-management guides for long-term health conditions. It is all part of our commitment to helping you live a healthier, happier life.

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